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Case study 1 - no compromise home cinema, on a budget

Sounds impossible doesn't it? Surely a serious home cinema setup, with better audio and visuals than the local multiplex costs tens of thousands of pounds?
It can do of course, but with some shrewd shopping, careful planning and some lateral thinking, it can be done.

Screen up hcpc the final image

The requirements
"We wanted the best picture that money could buy, but for a modest budget and we also wanted to keep our purist hi-fi system untouched"

The Solution
CRT front projector.
Home cinema processor to add on to existing hifi.
Home cinema PC configured for high quality DVD playback and TV picture optimisation.
Fully configured and easy to use remote control to take charge of the whole system.

How helped
Advised on best projector and screen options for the 'no compromise' customer.
Sourced a used projector with warranty to keep within budget.
Designed, configured and built home cinema PC.
Programmed remote control specifically for this system.


Case study No.2