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Case study 2 - The multi-media family room

Converting just half (yes half) of a standard size garage to incorporate a projector screen display for the ultimate big screen broadband surfing, PS2 gaming, karaoke and of course DVD movies and Sky Sports.

The requirements
"We wanted a room that the children could use to do their homework on the PC, or with their friends watching movies or playing games. When they have gone to bed we use it watch TV, it's a much more involving experience"

The Solution
LCD front projector.
Home cinema amplifier.
PC with broadband access.

How helped
Advised on the best projector and screen options to suit the budget, and located suppliers selling it at almost half price!
Advised on all cabling to give a future proof set of connections. This allows any device to be connected to the display.
Detailed all connections to give best quality pictures and sound from all devices.


Case study No.3