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The rate of change in the personal and home technology market place is so rapid that entire generations of technology can become obsolete almost overnight. There are often competing standards, some win, some lose, and as a result there can be bargains to be had, but also lemons to avoid! As your personal, independent advisors we can help you understand the pros and the cons of product, so that you can make an informed choice. are:-

With a reputation based on trust it is vital that we only recommend components that we use ourselves. If you browse our store you will see we have avoided the 'kitchen sink' approach, instead we have hand picked the best components available, that way we can make sure that our advice is always what's best for you.

With an extensive customer base (with budgets big and small) and a broad technological background, we are better placed than anyone to lead you into this newly converged digital world.

We are aware that this can be a perplexing business. We always aim to communicate with our customers in a way that they are comfortable with.
Our recommendations are always designed to fit within your budget and tailored to your particular needs.

We aim to answer all initial queries within 24 hours, often much quicker. This gives us enough time to consult with the rest of the team and make sure that the answers we give are definitive.

The team are, above all, enthusiasts and can think of nothing more enjoyable than being able to bring digital entertainment, security, comfort and control to a wider audience.

We will not rest until you have found the ideal solution to your problem. Whether that is finding the right connection between your DVD player, Sky box and TV or a fully automated home with integrated security, home cinema and wireless network.

what do I get